TSE Science Show Coordinator Applications

What is TSE?

The Science Experience (TSE) is a three-day science program aimed for high-school students in Year 8-11 to foster their understanding, knowledge and interest in science, engineering and technology. This three-day program will involve the students attending online lectures and participating in fun & interactive activities.

USyd has decided to hold TSE 2021 online, and have asked YSA to organise and present an online Science Show for all students attending the program.

What do the coordinator roles entail?

  • Liaising with the University of Sydney contact before, during and after the program and provide support whenever needed
  • Organising the Science Show
  • Organising Science Show training
  • Organising Science Show presenters

Who should apply?

Anyone who has been involved in at least two Science Shows as a YSA volunteer.

When will we need you?

Preparations should start in November.

Program Dates:

Wednesday the 13th – Friday the 15th of January