Year 12 Trials are over, but the HSC is in a month?!!! Maybe you are in year 11 and have preliminaries coming up?!!

Don’t panic, YSA is hosting a science skills workshop to teach you useful tips and tricks to ace your HSC. Aimed to allow students to develop a well-rounded idea of the method to construct scientific reports and approach exam questions. Students will be exposed to a variety of questions and models, to appreciate the importance of scientific communication.

Designed to address the changes in the NSW science syllabus, the workshop will be divided into 4 main sections (+ break) of:

  1. Main Features of a Scientific Report
  2. Skills and Assessment Technique – Keywords, Marks, and Time Management
  3. How to Deliver Science Effectively – Designing and Presenting a Scientific Model
  4. Presentation

With relevance to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth and Environmental Science, this workshop is for anyone who is completing a science subject. Whether you are in year 11, year 12, or neither, come join YSA at the Science Skills Workshop.