Joining the YSA Committee

Are you interested in becoming a part of the YSA Committee?

YSA Sydney is a youth run organisation. That means that everything, from our website, to our socials, to our science shows are created by young people for young people. Our organisation is made up of individuals like you who are willing to make a difference.

Our Annual General Meeting is held every year in February/March. At this meeting, we elect our organising committee which is responsible for the activities, events, socials, and science volunteering of YSA for the next 12 months.

All financial members of YSA Sydney are eligible to run for positions on the committee, including new members and those under 18. However, for legal reasons, the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer must be over 18 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get involved with YSA?

Joining YSA’s committee is a great way to become more involved with YSA Sydney. There’s a role to suit people of all skills and talents and you get some awesome experience and connections. Plus, volunteering looks great on a CV and can help you get jobs in the future, or get into programs such as RYLA, NYSF and ISS.

What commitment is expected of me?

This varies for each portfolio, but generally each role has some core objectives which are necessary to be met for the organisation to function. Any extra effort you put in your portfolio is up to you.

What time commitment is required?

Each committee member is expected to attend all committee meetings. Meetings are held monthly, usually on a weekend, and last approximately an hour. All committee members are strongly encouraged to attend the committee handover weekend, which occurs a couple of weeks after the AGM.

What kind of jobs would I be doing?

Here are some examples of small projects
– Store room manager
– Budgets for YSA portfolios
– Developing science shows and training materials
– Organising social events
– Webmaster
– Rewrite content for the website
– Database management

Current Committee Portfolios


The “figure head” of YSA Sydney. The President is responsible for running meetings, allocating tasks to members and holds the casting vote in the event of a tied election or motion. They oversee the general running of YSA Sydney and encourage fellow Committee members in their appointed tasks.

The President’s work is consistent throughout the whole year, and includes being present at all YSA events and meetings, although not necessarily responsible for the organisation of such events. The time commitment is 4 hours a week, plus monthly committee meetings.

N.B. The President must be over 18 years of age at the time of election. 

  • Ensure milestone dates are met
  • Liaises with and assigns tasks to portfolio holders
  • Chairs committee meetings
  • Final arbiter in disputes
  • Sets directions and agendas
  • In charge of pastoral care of committee
  • Handles interpersonal disputes
  • Encouraged to write for intro for each newsletter
  • Writes president report for AGM, and Natcon
  • Compiles NatCon report
  • Runs handover at end of tenure
  • Enforces the Constitution, and upholds portfolio job descriptions


The Vice-President is responsible for various tasks as they come up and to support the President. They also usually lead the organisation for certain events or new initiatives depending on their interests.

The Vice-President’s time commitment is similar to the President’s, although some leniency is permitted. Furthermore, the Vice-President is expected to take the role of the President, overseeing all YSA events, in their absence.  The time commitment is 2-4 hours a week, plus monthly committee meetings.

N.B. The Vice-President must be over 18 years of age at the time of election. 

  • Responds to new generic external enquiries, OR delegates
  • Holds president to account
  • Networker
  • Becomes acting president in case of death, absence, illness etc.
  • Project management, runs or delegates major YSA events (Natcon, Natcamp, ISS)


The Secretary is responsible for all aspects of meetings – selection of venue, sending out of agenda, managing attendance and apologies, taking accurate minutes and distributing those minutes as soon as possible after the meeting. They also maintain the membership database.

The secretary’s time commitment peaks before and just after a committee meeting. Calling a meeting and collating RSVPs takes approximately 2 hours, and editing and distributing minutes : 1 hour. Other work includes coordinating new memberships. This takes half an hour every week, and approximately 2 hours after a TSE or ISS. The secretary is expected to attend monthly committee meetings.

N.B. The Secretary must be over 18 years of age at the time of election. 

  • Internal committee communication
  • Process new membership
  • Welcome new members
  • DB management
  • Calls meetings, and quorum
  • Takes minutes at meetings AND handover, or delegates
  • Writes meeting agendas, and circulates minutes to committee AND other chapters.
  • keeps stock of non-financial assets
  • Official correspondence
  • Legal Public Officer


The Treasurer is, surprisingly enough, responsible for anything to do with money! They keep accurate books of income and expenditure, approves (or turns down) requests for funding and expenditure and basically keeps track of all cash coming in and going out of the YSA Sydney coffers.

The Treasury work load is less consistent, and tends to be centred around big events such as TSE, or AGM and Natcon Preparations. The role consists of regular duties, such as tracking income and expenses, and issuing of reimbursements.The time commitment is 1 hour a week in low periods, and up to 5 hours a week in peek periods, plus monthly committee meetings.

N.B. The Treasurer must be over 18 years of age at the time of election. 

  • Organises the money boxes (floats, expenses, and petty cash)
  • Handles and pays out reimbursements
  • Prepares AGM treasurer report
  • Keeps track of spending
  • Allocates and monitors budgets and spending
  • Reports financial status to each committee meeting

Science Outreach Officers

The Science Outreach Officers are arguably the most important roles within the committee; they are responsible for maintaining relationships with various educational and scientific institutions, as well as being an organisation’s first point of contact with YSA. They organise our involvement in science events such as the Science and Engineering Challenge and Australian Museum events.

This role requires constant work on science show materials and sporadic work coordinating volunteers for particular events and volunteering opportunities. This requires approximately 1-3 hours a week, plus monthly committee meetings.

  • Running Science events
  • Organises volunteers
  • Plans science shows
  • Organises, or delegates YSA in a Day
  • General Schools Director, or delegates
  • Handles anything TSE throughout the year
  • Works with other Outreach Officers to plan writing of Science shows
  • Prepares a portfolio report for each committee meeting

Marketing Director

Responsible for all aspects of marketing and promotion for YSA Sydney; the Marketing Director works closely with a marketing subcommittee, allocating work and encouraging ideas, as well as taking care of the practical aspects such as chasing articles for the Science Bites newsletter and ensuring its delivery to  members. They are also responsible for the arrangement of posts on our website and social media, ensuring that our social media presence reaches and engages with our membership.

The role requires consistent work in preparing the fortnightly email, and preparing a weekly timetable for event marketing.  Approximately 2 hours a week, plus monthly committee meetings.

  • Mass marketing
  • Manages and appoints a marketing subcommittee
  • Obtains, or delegates material/photos for newsletter
  • Bridge between members and committee
  • Designs brochures, membership forms, etc.
  • Posts (or delegates others to post) content to website
  • Prepares a portfolio report for each committee meeting

Socials Coordinator/s

The Socials Coordinator organises the monthly YSA Socials, including deciding on the activity, booking the venue, managing RSVPs and supervision of members at the event.

Most of the work of the socials coordinator is done in preparing, planning and booking for a social event. Approximately 4 hours across 3 weeks before social, plus monthly committee meetings.

  • Plan socials, gets equipment, etc
  • Collect RSVPs
  • Collects money at socials
  • Advertise socials
  • Plans, books, and markets the end-of-year Yule Ball
  • Duty of care as advertised
  • Prepares a portfolio report for each committee meeting

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