Information for Universities

YSA Sydney is a well established not-for-profit organisation for young Australians aged 14-25 who have a passion for science. Our executive committee strives to maintain strong contacts with university partners, and to provide our members with the best information on STEM pathways in conjunction with our partners.

We strive to expose our members (majority of which are under 18) to different institutions and what they offer, with particular focus on STEM subjects and degrees. YSA is unique in the sense that it is one of only few organisations in Australia that bring together the young, bright and most enthusiastic science, engineering and mathematical minds in Australia. Our members go on to contribute to a vibrant university culture through maintaining their level of involvement and engagement with STEM subjects and projects.

Some of the events at universities which we take part in, or have previously helped with, include:

We offer partner universities a variety of services, including volunteers for events such as day programs, a variety of STEM workshops, and promotion of STEM events. If you are a university and are interested in becoming involved with YSA, for events or as a strategic partner please contact