Information for Parents

If your child is interested in STEM and wants to get involved in the science community YSA Sydney has all the opportunities you could ask for, and more.

We offer volunteering, socials, and self-development programs. Our events are all drug, smoke, and alcohol free, so you can be assured that your child will be in a safe environment. If you have any queries about what opportunities YSA Sydney will provide your child please contact us here.


YSA Sydney provides many opportunities for your child to get involved in promoting science among other students whilst developing lifelong skills and friendships. Being a part of YSA is perfect for those who enjoy science and will be interested in sharing their passion for the subject with other students as well as meeting like-minded people.

Across the year YSA Sydney runs a variety of workshops, stalls, and other volunteering events. In the past some of the events we have been involved in include:

  • The Conocophillips Science Experience
  • Stalls at National Science Week events
  • Engineering challenges and workshops at Universities.

The volunteering experience can involve conducting science shows, demonstrating science experiments, leading students through science activities and conducting tours.


YSA Sydney hosts socials each month, which are open to both members and non-members. These socials range from the science-y, such as science quizzes and stargazing, to the purely fun such as ice skating and picnics. They are a great way for members to unwind, catch up with their friends, and meet other people passionate about science.

Our socials are very important to us, as we recognise the importance of having opportunities to meet like-minded people in a relaxed environment. To ensure our socials are enjoyable and varied we have a team dedicated to organising and running our socials. They are the perfect intro to YSA Sydney, and we highly encourage prospective members to come along to a social.