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Date: 16th July 2018
Time: 4pm
Location: University of Sydney, Carslaw Room 360 and 361
RSVP : 14th July 2018 (REQUIRED)

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1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Attendance, Apologies and Declaration of Proxies
3. Vote on Proposed Changes to Constitution
4. Vote on Proposed Changes to Committee
5. Close




What is an SGM?

A Special General Meeting is a meeting held by companies and organisations for their membership. Certain decisions or choices made by an organisation often need the backing of its membership, thus a Special General Meeting is held. They are often required by law, or in our case, by our constitution. An SGM is held to inform  the members of previous and future activities and to discuss certain issues. It is an opportunity for the members to receive insight into the organisations activities of the past months and asking any questions regarding the directions the organisation will take in the future.

Do I have to attend?

Attendance is not compulsory, but if you’re interested in YSA (especially how we’re run and what we do) then this is the perfect opportunity to witness.  If you are going to attend, then you do need to RSVP as the SGM requires a minimum amount of people to be valid. However, if you cannot attend, there is a proxy form below for your voice to be heard!

Is it just a room of people sitting around?


Does that make it boring?

No… YSA events are never boring. Not with YSA members around! Plus we’ll be holding board games afterwards and pizza will be provided.

I’m only new to YSA. Am I welcome at the SGM?

Absolutely! Every member is absolutely welcome at every YSA function, including our SGM. How long will it take? The meeting itself will most likely take about 1 hour, give or take a bit.



[toggle title=”Proposed Changes to the YSA Constitution” open=”false”]

We would like to involve our membership in collaboratively voting in two amendments to our constitution. Due to changes to the NSW associations incorporation laws, the maximum number of consecutive terms of office of any office-bearers on the committee may hold and the types of resolutions that can be voted on by electronic ballot must be addressed in our constitution.


[toggle title=”Proposed changes to the YSA Sydney Committee” open=”false”]

We’ll also be voting in changes to rename the “Member Without a Portfolio” to “General Committee Member”, and “Science Liaison Officer” to “Science Outreach Officer”.


To see the proposed changes, please click here.





If you are unable to attend the SGM, you may vote via proxy. Please download the form here, or fill out the proxy form below.