Information for Universities


YSA Sydney is an organisation for young Australians aged 14-26 with a passion for science. We maintain active involvement with many universities around Sydney and New South Wales. This is a relationship we value very highly.

YSA is unique in the sense that it is one of only few organisations in Australia that bring together the young, bright and most enthusiastic science, engineering and mathematical minds in Australia.

The majority of our members come from the under 18 bracket; a demographic which is very enticing to Universities. With YSA’s frequent interaction with major universities around Australia, it turns out that the involvement with universities that our members experience through YSA functions and events are significant influencing factors when students come to placing UAC preferences to university entrance.

There is no coincidence that our members go on to study Bachelors of Advanced Science, Engineering and other science related degrees. Our members go on to contribute to a vibrant university culture through maintaining their level of involvement and engagement with science and engineering.

If you are a university and are interested in becoming involved with YSA, as a sponsor or as a resource and strategic partner please send us your contact us here or use the contact here.