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YSA Back At It Again

YSA Back At It Again with the new year and amazing plans! 

At 9pm on a Tuesday night I took a break from Netflix to join a Google Hangout session, specifically the 2016 March Edition of the YSA National Leadership Summit. Despite the mouthful of a name, it was a lovely and comfortable conversation between each state’s YSA executive committee, reporting how eac…

Jaspie’s World: On Christmas


Ruff Ruff!
Christmas is coming soon, and whether you celebrate it or not you will have noticed all the marketing for Christmas sales. I was on my casual Monday walkies back in November when I first noticed it. November!
It seems Christmas marketing gets earlier every year. I know it’s a business decision which brings in revenue, but it seems like we’re becoming increasingly saturated wit…

Jaspie’s World: On Mining



One of my favourite hobbies is to dig holes and then bury bones in there. It’s really fun, and it means my pesky owner won’t take it away from me.

So I’m not surprised humans like to dig big holes too. I heard there was a recent approval to dig a big hole called the Carmichael minein Queensland. I’ve heard it’s a 16 billion dollar project which will create thousands of…

Volunteering Opportunity: Pint of Science

Are you interested in sharing science with the public?

Do you enjoy relaxing with friends at the pub?

If the answer to both is YES, then Pint of Science Australia is for you!

Pint of Science is an international festival that aims to showcase the amazing research of local scientists to the general public in the relaxed venue of the local pub. In 2015, the Pint of Scienc…

Volunteering Opportunities for National Science Week with YSA

SciCircus Pic_by T.Y. Lin

Get excited as YSA has a massive helping of stuff for you to get involved with and lend a hand.  Volunteering is a fantastic way to build your experience, give back, get others excited about science and have fun.
Castle Hill Science Circus: Possible or Not Experiments

Come join our science sideshow and help delight the public at Castle Towers as they discover what is possible and what is…

Volunteer at the Sydney Science Festival

The inaugural Sydney Science Festival is fast approaching and it’s a fantastic opportunity to be involved in some serious science fun.  The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (including the Powerhouse Museum) is heading up this city wide event.  There will be talks by researchers, workshops, chats with practicing scientists, children’s activities and science panels to get stuck into.


YOU could be the next Facebook Administrator!


Want to be more involved with YSA? Do you want your time spent on Facebook to have a greater impact? Then apply to become YSA’s Official Facebook Page Administrator!


- A chance to be a part of the inner workings of YSA

- Become a part of a dynamic and fun loving team that gets things done but has a great time doing it

- Gain experience in team work,…

Jaspie’s World: On Energy


Ruff! Ruff!
You know, we dogs have quite a lot of energy. Don’t believe me? See what happens when you throw that ball across the park.
Speaking of energy, I’ve heard some barking about energy in the media recently. There seems to be division over what energy systems we should be investing our future in.
So I want to ask you young scientists, what do you think the future of energy is?

Jaspie’s World: On Space Travel



Once a fortnight, Jaspie the Dog asks YSA Sydney a question about science, politics, society, our world, and the people who live in it.

What up dawgs?
My owner may have told you he’s concerned about my recent howling at the moon. However, I must correct him – I was howling at Mars.
You see, there has been a lot of talk about taking humans to Mars lately, with the Mars On…

Jaspie’s World: On Paleo Diets

Once a fortnight, Jaspie the Dog asks YSA Sydney a question about science, politics, society, our world, and the people who live in it.
Something really has my tummy rumbling lately…Everyone’s talking about diets!
One in particular, the Paleo diet (lean meat, nuts, fruit, veg), has got my attention. But I’ve also heard of many other diets, like the Aktins diet or being vegan. It must…


GET EXCITED!!! The International Science School (ISS) 2015 is going to be BIG!  BIG Challenges, BIG Ideas, BIG Science.
What’s ISS you ask?!
Let’s imagine 140 science hungry, like-minded, senior high school students from China, India, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand and all over Australia who comes together in one big venue (University of Sydney) to learn and experience the beauty…

JW: Jaspie’s Christmas

Once a fortnight, Jaspie the Dog asks YSA Sydney a question about science, politics, society, our world, and the people who live in it.

Speaking of Christmas, there’s been some barking this year about what sort of presents kids should be getting.

A campaign known as “No Gender December” called for toys to be un-gendered, as opposed to the aisles of pink for girls and blue for…

MAFYA Award Nominations: Hear About the 2013 Winner

Nominations Now Open!
Nominations for MAFYA are now in full swing with the YSA ball a mere 14 days away!  Get excited!  At the ball we will be recognizing a young member who has made a significant contribution to YSA Sydney and the connectivity to other chapters: Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

What Did the 2013 Recipient do with their $300 Mahony Award for Youth Achievement?


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