Mahony Award For Youth Achievement

Mahony Award For Youth Achievement


The Mahony Award For Youth Achievement (MAFYA) is an award that recognises the efforts and enthusiasm of younger YSA members. The MAFYA is designed to especially honour those who are more involved or looking to be more involved in YSA on a national setting.

History of the Award

The MAFYA was first initiated in 2010 by Patrick Mahony, a prominent YSA crustie. Patrick first joined YSA in 2001, as a student at Harry Messel’s International Science School and continued to hold several portfolio positions in the YSA committee, including presidency. In his final year of being a member, Patrick wished to leave something for the members of YSA, especially those who have great potential in YSA. Patrick also had a passion for YSA Sydney to be well linked with its sister chapters in Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The Award

The award is $300 to be used at any national event or any event that is related to science communication at a national level. The total sum must be used within 12 months of the award.
Past winners of this award are:
2016: Priyasha Prasad
2015: Mary Nguyen
2014: Linda Zhang
2013: Jennifer Vo
2012: Amogh Sarda
2011: Adam Smallhorn
2010: Katelyn Phillips


Any YSA member (except the current president and vice-president) has the opportunity to nominate another YSA member for this award. To be eligible, the nominee will have to be:
  1. a current financial YSA member
  2. under the age of 21 on 31 December 2017
  3. not be a past recipient of this award
  4. not a member of the selection panel (comprising the President and Vice President)
Each YSA member is allowed to nominate only one member.
Please nominate someone who you think have great enthusiasm for YSA and its relationship with other chapters.


The selection process is performed by the president and vice-president. A short-list of 3 nominees will be made and a phone interview will be conducted to gauge the interest and potential future involvement in YSA from the perspective of the nominator. The winner will be announced at the annual general meeting.
Nominations close soon!.

To apply, click nominate below and fill out the form.