Looking to get a sneak peek at behind the scenes of YSA Sydney? Secretly gunning for presidency in the not too distant future? Just want to be even more involved than volunteering for events?

Consider this; a choice of three fabulous subcommittees to help out with events, work closely with the committee and be part of a fantastic squad – YSA Sydney has got you covered. We’re now taking applications to be in subcommittees for our lovely Socials Coordinators, Science Outreach Officers and Marketing Director. You’ll have to be available for your respective subcommittee roles for 4 months (not even a whole year commitment – bonus!).

To get a feel for which particular subcommittee you’d like to apply for (or all three!), we’ve very helpfully outlined the details of each of them below, and if you have any questions about the application, email us at info@sydney.ysa.org.au

Science Outreach

If you just can’t seem to get busy enough, helping out our lovely Science Outreach Officers is the thing for you! Your role will include:

  • Developing great communication and organisation skills courtesy of the ~20 odd events the Outreach portfolio manages throughout the year.
  • Working closely with the Outreach team in regards to:
    1. Running events
    2. Behind the scenes planning for said events
    3. Finding and working with volunteers
    4. Materials management and risk assessments


If you need more science enthusiast friends to add to your circles, apply for the Socials sub-com! Your role will include:

  • Helping plan, organise and run YSA Sydney’s monthly socials and our main social event of the year – the Yule Ball.
  • Working with the other two subcommittees (Outreach and Marketing) to make sure all YSA Sydney’s events get the limelight they deserve.
  • Spreading the word about YSA Sydney and its awesome socials.
  • Making the YSA Sydney hype contagious.


If you spend too much time on Facebook/Instagram, the Marketing subcommittee is the one for you! Your role will include:

  • Organising posting schedules to make sure each event gets the time it needs to get its message out.
  • Ensuring all posts follow the perfect schedule (or at least one you like that works).
  • Helping find fun and interesting scientific news to share with the YSA Sydney community.
  • Finding new or fresh ways to promote YSA Sydney to potential members.

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