What is TCSE?

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience (TCSE) is a three-day science program aimed for high-school students in Year 8-11 to foster their understanding, knowledge and interest in STEM. This three-day program will involve the students attending lectures, labs and participating fun & interactive activities. YSA needs some amazing staffies to take care of the future generation of scientists (and possibly future YSA members)!

Staffie responsibilities include:

  • Encouraging students’ sense of curiosity
  • Assisting the running of YSA activities: Science Show, Relay Quiz, Mystery Activity
  • Guiding student groups to activities
  • Engaging students with ice-breakers and games
  • Attending two days of training beforehand

There are three types of staffies: group, senior and winged monkey.

Role-specific descriptions are included below.

Staffing Application deadline: Midnight Friday 3rd January 2020

Experience required: None. Anyone can apply!


  • Training: Mon – Tues, 13-14 January
  • TCSE: Wed – Fri, 15-17 January


TCSE Roles

Staffing Application

Hi there! Thank you for your interest, but unfortunately, all staffie positions have been exhausted. You can keep up to date with future YSA volunteering events here, and we hope to see you at one soon!