YSA Sydney Committee

President: Mitchell Murphy BSc (Geoscience) - president@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Currently working as a Science Teacher at Chevalier College
  • Hair contains exactly 2 cowlicks
  • Favourite topic is geoscience

Vice President: Ridwan Ansary - vicepresident@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Studies a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney
  • Has confirmed 20 years of life experience… in life
  • Favourite science is physics 

Treasurer: Sophia Zhang - treasurer@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Studies a Bachelor of Acturarial Studies and a Bachelor of Science (Advanced Maths) at the University of New South Wales
  • Has 6 boxes of tea and a small tin of matcha powder sitting in her room
  • Maths, computer studies, and chemistry are her top science picks

Secretary: Adam Coorey - secretary@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Studies a Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales
  • Has been learning taekwondo and raising pokemon since 2006
  • Believes that materials science is the best science, but thinks chemistry is pretty cool as well 

Science Liaison: Alison Eslake - sci-liaison@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Studies a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) at the University of Sydney
  • Lifts
  • Likes chemistry, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and maths

Science Liaison: Jess Wang - sci-liaison@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Studies a Bachelor of Medical Science at the University of New South Wales
  • Was 11 years an artistic gymnast; now a gym coach
  • Enjoys ALL the science

Social Coordinator: Larissa Chandra – socials@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Studies a Bachelor of Applied Sciences and Occupational Therapy at the University of Sydney
  • Has been known to be a collector of charity bears
  • Will let you finish talking about your favourite science but thinks biology is the best science of all time

Social CoordinatorSahibnoor Singh – socials@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Studies a Bachelor of Medical Science at the University of Sydney
  • Sings so well that it’s literally in the surname
  • Will succeed one day in making someone laugh… eventually
  • Daydreams about microbiology and immunology

Marketing Director: Sabrina Stubbs - marketing@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Studies a Bachelor of Communications in Media Arts and Production (with a second major in Journalism)
  • Also studies a Bachelor of International Studies in Italy
  • Quote: “I’m good at finding Wally – I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I’m pretty great TOOT TOOT”
  • Believes that the best fields in science may contain traces of animals, space, and dinosaurs

Member Without Portfolio: Brett Hoppenbrouwer - info@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Works as a science communicator, clown, balloon artist, and juggler
  • Previously studied a Bachelor of Biotechnology at the University of New South Wales (with Honours)
  • As a mad scientist with crazy hair, developed a way to juggle and trapeze simultaneously
  • Is biotechnology’s biggest fan, but also has signed autographs from biology, physics, chemistry, and math

Member Without Portfolio: Robbie Morgan - info@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Studies a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of New South Wales
  • Is the youngest committee member of an organisation featuring the word ‘Young’ in their title
  • Admires maths, physics, and biological applications as a friend

Member Without Portfolio: Jennifer Vo - info@sydney.ysa.org.au

  • Is currently engaging in gap year shenanigans
  • Her favourite bit of imparted knowledge is to ‘always pick the window seat’
  • Enjoys matcha latte, yoga, and long ultra trail marathons on the beach
  • Finds biology, pharmacology, and psychology to be the coolest (but thinks plain old chemistry can be pretty cool too)