Current Committee

Skye Williams-Kelly

President & Socials Coordinator

Currently studying: B.Sc. Computer Science [UNSW]
Likes: Games, esp. board games
Dislikes: Cucumber, bugs in code
Fav TV Show/Movie: B99!
Ideal Holiday Destination: Somewhere with a waterfall

Theresa Nguyen

Vice President

Currently studying: B.Comm [USyd]
Likes: Monkeys, coffee, winter
Dislikes: Her indecisiveness
Fav TV Show/Movie: The Block
Ideal Holiday Destination: Switzerland

Tanya Zhou


Currently studying: B.Sc. / B.Ed. Secondary education [USyd]
Likes: Aldi brand hummus, the ginger cat she sees on the way to uni everyday
Dislikes: slow walkers on the Redfern run that prevent her from petting the cat
Fav TV Show/Movie: The Holy Quaternity of Michael Schur’s comedies
Ideal Holiday Destination: anywhere with a beach and/or the Daiso snack aisle

Mary Nguyen


Currently studying: B. Speech Pathology [ACU]
Likes: Music, bubbles, photography, Chatime
Dislikes: Ants, pickles, mustard
Fav TV Show/Movie: Grimm, Girl Meets World, Harry Potter, The Sound of Music
Ideal Holiday Destination: London or Italy

Harrison Moore

Socials Coordinator

Currently studying: PhD in Chemistry [USyd]
Likes: Music, film, video games
Dislikes: Mushrooms
Fav TV Show/Movie: Twin Peaks
Ideal Holiday Destination: Northern USA

Vivienne Deng

Marketing Director

Studied: B. Management (Events) [UTS]
Likes: Pho, bubble tea, winter
Dislikes: Summer, olives
Fav TV Show/Movie: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Ideal Holiday Destination: Japan/Canada

Maegan Chan

Science Outreach Officer

Currently studying: B.Eng Mechatronics (Honours) / M. Biomedical Engineering [UNSW]
Likes: Good food
Dislikes: Having to decide where to eat
Fav TV Show/Movie: Too many!
Ideal Holiday Destination: Too many decisions!

Alina Ali

Science Outreach Officer

Currently studying: B.Sc. / B.Ed. (Secondary Education) [USyd]
Fav TV Show/Movie: Q and A, Friends, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory…. too many favourites
Ideal Holiday Destination: The stationary section of any store OR when Earth just gets too boring OUTER SPACE!

Sara Haider

Science Outreach Officer

Currently studying: B.E in Civil Engineering with Architecture [UNSW]
Likes: Icecream and netball
Dislikes: Unhappiness! Life is too short to be unhappy!
Ideal Holiday Destination: Canada during winter