MAFYA Award Nominations: Hear About the 2013 Winner

Nominations Now Open!

Nominations for MAFYA are now in full swing with the YSA ball a mere 14 days away!  Get excited!  At the ball we will be recognizing a young member who has made a significant contribution to YSA Sydney and the connectivity to other chapters: Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The 2013 MAFYA presentation
Adam and Erkan presenting the MAFYA in 2013

What Did the 2013 Recipient do with their $300 Mahony Award for Youth Achievement?

A scientist in their natural habitat
A scientist in their natural habitat

If you have been up to date with the newsletter, you may remember this report from earlier in the year when the 2013 MAFYA recipient, Jennifer Vo used her $300 award to go to NatEvent (like a social but on crazy proportions with members from all chapters and lasting an entire weekend) in Brisbane.


Cloudy with a chance of scientific extravaganza! Michael, Chantelle, Jash, Caidos and I flew (on planes unfortunately) to the all scientifically magical NatEvent held in Brisvegas this year. Mum went off about some tropical storm happening near Cairns that week and warned me to pack for cold weather, little did I know (having failed geography in all my years in high school) that Friday night would be the most excruciatingly humid and mosquito concentrated night of my life. However over the three days, I had met some of the most incredibly fantabulicious people whom I am proud to call my family, and got to participate in a few enchantinglychallenging activities involving tonnes of stickers, colourful balls and broomsticks for quidditch. So the person playing the snitch could run and hide anywhere within about a 2-3km distance and chasing them was REALLY something J. Both trivia night and movie night, where we constructed a fortress of mattresses along the floor and threw M&Ms at each other, were a cauldron of fun. We discovered that gluten free chocolate cereal actually doesn’t taste so bad and nachos were amazing for lunch. Thank you so so so very much to everyone who organised the weekend to remember. And a huge thanks to Erkan and Adam, whom we’ve pestered tirelessly prior to leaving; it’d be so wrong for you not receive an applause *applause*. The goodbyes were heartbreaking, but we’ll definitely be back.

😉 Jay Vo

Yay science!
Yay science!

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