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    Staffies at the Science Experience

    Staffies hanging out at lunch during the University of New South Wales Science Experience.

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YSA Sydney is the Sydney chapter of the Young Scientists of Australia. We are a youth run organisation for young people aged 14-26.
We are involved in Science Communication, Staffing of Science Schools, public science events, and general science support for high school and university students.
We also conduct monthly socials, including our popular Annual YSA Ball, Quidditch matches, and Amazing Race.



Our Upcoming Events

Interstate TCSE 2014/2015
Oct 7th

Interstate TCSE 2014/2015

  The bulk of TCSE season is almost upon us! Get ready to get national with YSA! Have you staffed a number of science camps in Sydney and want the ...

Science Communication Development Camp (Jan Camp) Coordinator Applications
Nov 4th

Science Communication Development Camp (Jan Camp) Coordinator Applications

This could be you! (if you want that is...) Science fun times.  Have you presented more science shows than Tellurium has protons?  Are you more verbose than francium and water?  Are all your t-shirts saturate in ...

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