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the Young Scientists of Australia | Promoting Science to the Youth of Australia

Over 550 Young Scientists around Australia

Young Australians aged 14-26 involved in Science.

The Young Scientists of Australia (YSA) are a collection of organisations dedicated to the promotion of science to the youth of Australia.

There are currently four chapters based in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.


Find your closest Chapter

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Science Communication

We do Science

Each chapter runs unique science demonstration shows and activities. From explosive performances to hands on workshops, YSA chapters excite their audiences and communicate scientific ideas in fun ways.

Youth Volunteers

Get involved

The YSA chapters work with universities and other educational facilities to help run programs aimed at engaging students and the wider community in science. Leadership and co-ordination is provided by YSA chapters to create fun, accepting environments in educational programs, and enthusiastic members assist National Science Week events, among many other local and national programs.

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Social Events

In each YSA chapter regular social events are run for members to foster friendships between likeminded young science enthusiasts. Ice skating, amazing races, and mad science days are just a few examples of socials which provide lots of fun and a welcoming environment to all attendees.

Each chapter runs different events in their respective cities, so check out their individual websites for up to date information on what’s coming up.

The Science Experience


The Science Experience is a national science program that runs at various university campuses across Australia. Run for students between year 9 and 11, it aims to foster an enthusiasm for science at a more advanced level, and introduce new areas of learning and research.

The Young Scientists of Australia provide voluntary staff for some Science Experiences in their respective states. These programs are highly popular with students, and are a rewarding experience for all involved.